What Separates iBOS USA

What Separates iBOS USA

• iBOS USA is an American-based company that specializes in finding high-quality personnel from around the world with American quality
voices, that are educated in Excel, Word, Office, etc. For a fraction of the price of hiring the traditional method.
• Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your iBOS USA staff into your operation, in which your customer’s experience is maximized, and as far as they
know their phone call or email has been answered by someone sitting in your office. iBOS USA allows your company to Outsource without anyone
knowing that you are outsourcing.
• We give you several candidates to interview until you’ve found the perfect match and qualifications for your company. No limit! Interview until
you find your perfect candidate.
• No Contracts! No obligations or contracts. While your iBOS USA personnel are designed to integrate seamlessly into your operation as a permanent
and indistinguishable members of your team and business, there is no contract or obligation. You keep your iBOS USA personnel for as long as you
need them. They can be let go at any time. (Although we are confident you will be extremely happy and they will be with your company for years)
• THE iBOS USA GUARANTEE: All iBOS USA staff are GUARANTEED. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your iBOS USA personnel, you can replace them
at any time and get 2 weeks completely FREE as the new candidate is trained. We at iBOS USA guarantee your experience. You will be satisfied –
guaranteed! You WILL find the perfect staff that will work with your company for years to come. This is the iBOS USA guarantee.



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