Solving Quit Rate Turnover Challenges with iBOS USA™In today’s dynamic office setting, turnover has become an undeniable challenge. Beyond its inconvenience, the financial toll of onboarding and training a new office employee is staggering, averaging $4,100 per hire. At iBOS USA™, we understand the critical need for stability and reliability in your workforce. Our solution? Reducing Quit Rate Turnover to an industry-low 2.9%, enabling our clients to train and retain employees for years, significantly minimizing onboarding and training losses annually.

The Cost of Turnover:

The national turnover rate stands at a staggering 43.2%, inclusive of layoffs and dismissals. However, what truly impacts organizational health is the quit rate of 27.6%, representing those who leave voluntarily. High turnover not only disrupts workflow but also incurs substantial financial losses for businesses. The need for a strategic approach to curb these challenges has never been more evident.

Solving the Turnover Dilemma with iBOS USA™:

Quit Rate Turnover

Reduced Quit Rate Turnover:

At iBOS USA™, we take pride in our ability to slash Quit Rate Turnover to an industry-leading 2.9%. This allows your organization to invest in training employees with the confidence that they will contribute to your team for an extended period, fostering stability and reliability.
Years of Employee Retention:

Our approach is designed to create lasting partnerships. By reducing turnover, we provide your organization with the opportunity to cultivate and retain talent for years, fostering a positive and consistent work environment.

Minimizing Onboarding and Training Losses:

The financial burden of onboarding and training losses can be virtually eliminated. With iBOS USA™, you invest in employees who stay, reducing the need for constant retraining and onboarding expenses.
Industry-Leading Expertise:

Outsourcing to iBOS USA™ means tapping into our industry-leading expertise. Our dedicated team seamlessly integrates into your operations, ensuring a smooth transition that aligns with your company culture and values.

In the face of the nationwide turnover challenge, iBOS USA™ emerges as a strategic partner, providing a solution that not only reduces Quit Rate Turnover but transforms the narrative of employee retention. By outsourcing your needs to iBOS USA™, you invest in a workforce that stays, bringing stability, reliability, and substantial financial savings to your organization.

Don’t let turnover dictate your office dynamics. Contact iBOS USA™ today and let us be the solution to your turnover dilemma.


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