Sales Outsourcing

Why Choose Our Sales Outsourcing Services?

At IBOSUSA, we specialize in delivering results-driven sales outsourcing solutions designed to boost your revenue, expand your market reach, and drive business growth. Here’s why you should entrust your sales efforts to us: outsourced sales and marketing

1. Expert Sales Team Our dedicated sales professionals bring a wealth of industry expertise and a proven track record of success. They’re well-equipped to handle the full sales cycle, from lead generation to closing deals. outsourced inside sales

2. Scalable Solutions Whether you’re a startup seeking rapid expansion or an established enterprise aiming to augment your sales force, our services can be tailored to fit your unique needs and goals.

3. Cost-Efficiency By outsourcing your sales functions to us, you can reduce the costs associated with hiring, training, and retaining an in-house sales team. This allows you to allocate resources more strategically.

4. Focus on Core Operations Outsourcing sales allows you to refocus your energy and resources on core business operations, product development, and other critical areas of your business.

5. Comprehensive Reporting We provide transparent and detailed reporting on sales activities, leads generated, and deals closed, giving you valuable insights into your sales performance.

6. Market Expansion Our sales experts can help you expand your market reach, targeting new audiences and territories to drive business growth.IB

Our Sales Outsourcing Process


  1. Initial Assessment: We start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current sales processes, challenges, and objectives.

  2. Customized Strategy: Based on our assessment, we develop a tailored sales outsourcing strategy designed to meet your specific goals.

  3. Lead Generation: Our team identifies and qualifies potential leads to ensure we target the right audience.

  4. Sales Execution: We engage leads, nurture relationships, and close deals on your behalf, following your brand’s guidelines and values.

  5. Continuous Improvement: We continuously monitor and optimize our sales strategies to ensure optimal results.

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Sales Outsourcing

By nearshore outsourcing both outbound and inbound sales with American-sounding voices, companies can increase sales while maintaining the appearance of in-office sales staff. This allows businesses to greatly reduce overhead costs, increase position longevity, and virtually eliminate turnover. The nearshore outsourcing approach provides an eager and loyal sales staff who will represent the company with an American voice, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to boost sales while remaining cost-effective. This is an excellent way to increase sales, while still maintaining the quality of sales that customers expect from American-based companies.

With iBOS USA you interview a number of Sales Professionals until you find the one you want. We have almost zero turnover so that person will be with your company for years.

◼ If you prefer your sales professional to have an American voice our rate is $13.50 per hour. (Flat rate. Including all taxes, social security, benefits, PTO, etc.)

◼ If you don’t mind your sales professional having a slight Spanish accent then our rate is $11.95 per hour. (Flat rate. Including all taxes, social security, benefits, PTO, etc.)



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