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Streamline Your Business Operations with Our Back Office Support Services

Running a successful business involves much more than just front-end operations. Efficient Back Office Support Service functions are equally essential for sustained growth and profitability. At IBOSUSA, we offer a comprehensive suite of Back Office Support Services designed to handle your non-core tasks, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Why Choose Our Back Office Support Services?

Our team of back office professionals is dedicated to providing you with seamless and cost-effective support. Here’s why you should consider outsourcing your back-office functions to us:

1. Expertise and Efficiency Our experienced team specializes in various back-office functions, ensuring that your tasks are handled with precision and efficiency.

2. Cost Savings Outsourcing back-office tasks can lead to significant cost savings compared to maintaining in-house staff and infrastructure.

3. Scalable Solutions Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, our services are scalable to meet your evolving needs as your business grows.

4. Focus on Core Competencies By outsourcing non-core tasks, you can redirect your resources and attention to strategic business activities, enhancing your competitive edge.

5. Data Security and Confidentiality We prioritize data security and confidentiality, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected at all times.

6. Customized Solutions Our back office support services are tailored to align with your specific business requirements, providing a personalized approach that suits your unique needs.

Bilingual Customer Service Specialist

Our Back Office Support Services

We offer a comprehensive range of back office support services, including:

    • Data Entry and Management: Accurate and efficient data entry and data management services to keep your information organized and up-to-date.

    • Bookkeeping and Accounting: Expert financial management and accounting services to maintain financial accuracy and compliance.

    • Administrative Support: Administrative tasks such as email management, appointment scheduling, and document preparation to streamline your operations.

    • HR and Payroll: Human resources and payroll services to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

    • Document Processing: Efficient document processing and management services, including scanning, indexing, and archiving.

    • Inventory Management: Inventory tracking and management to optimize your supply chain and reduce costs.

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Elevate Profitability with Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

As companies continually seek ways to enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs, outsourcing through nearshoring with American-voices has become a popular option for traditional customer-facing positions such as phone and email customer service. By utilizing iBOS USA with American-sounding voices, companies can maintain the appearance of having local in-office staff while significantly lowering overhead costs. They can also enhance productivity and improve position longevity by practically eliminating turnover, resulting in the same iBOS USA staff remaining with the company for years. This transformation guarantees consistency of service delivery and a more personalized experience for customers, where companies can save money and improve customer satisfaction without compromising on quality.

With iBOS USA you interview a number of our Agents until you find the one you want. We have almost zero turnover so that person will be with your company for years.

◼ If you prefer your freight bill audit representative position to have an American voice our rate is $13.50 per hour. (Flat rate. Including all taxes, social security, benefits, PTO, etc.)

◼ If you don’t mind your customer service position having a slight Spanish accent then our rate is $11.95 per hour. (Flat rate. Including all taxes, social security, benefits, PTO, etc.)



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